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PenPeep or Pen Peep are a product and trademark of Stanhope MicroWorks. They are sold to pen makers, jewelers, craftsman, artists, hobbyist & others exclusively through our websites. Our sales are not restricted & anyone may purchase stanhope micro photo PenPeeps. Stanhope MicroWorks is the only producer of true stanhope lenses worldwide. For more information or to purchase stanhopes or pen peeps, visit one of the following locations:

Stanhope MicroWorks - Is the only producer of true stanhope lenses and stanhope lens products available today. Stanhope MicroWorks is the world recognized authority on antique, vintage and modern stanhopes. They offer expert stanhope restoration and repair services, appraisals, evaluations and anything imaginable as it may pertain to stanhope peeps. Quality reputable dealer of rare antique stanhopes as well as new modern stanhope products. Stanhope MicroWorks is also home to the Stanhope Museum where you can learn useful facts and gain valuable information about rare, unusual and common stanhope items and holders.

Stanhope Jewelry Company - Provides a large selection of stock photos as well as custom images for your next pen peep or unmounted stanhope lens serving pen makers, jewelers, and other artisans. Also features a large selection of high quality stanhope jewelry and gift items. Stanhope Jewelry offers the finest Lord's Prayer Crosses and Cross Necklaces for all ages & denominations and with dozens of available prayer choices. Specializing in custom stanhope images as well. Stanhope Jewelry is licensed to use Stanhope MicroWorks technologies in all of their products. Gift certificates are available.

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