Introducing Stanhope PenPeeps
 You Won't Believe Your Eyes! 

Make Your Next Pen a Stanhope Photo Image Pen
PenPeeps are the first truly innovative concept to come to pen making since the earliest days of fine collectible writing tools. Add another dimension (literally) to your next pen with our new and exciting PenPeep Stanhope Micro-viewer. A look inside reveals a stunning and crystal clear image seen magnified over 160 times! Pen Peeps are quick and easy to install and are compatible with many of today's popular pen styles and kits. It can be installed in many other wood turning and craft or art projects. They work great in jewelry and other items too. We offer a large array of stock stanhope micro-images to choose from and each Pen Peep is available in your choice of three popular finishes to match any pen. Made 100% in the U.S.A. with American labor.

Pen Peeps are designed to easily take your turned or carved pen, and other hand-made art and craft works to an extraordinary new level in style, design and novelty. To install, drill a 5mm hole through your pen or other item and fasten the Pen Peep with its simple threaded tubular assembly.

 NOW!   Custom Photo Pen Peeps are available in any quantity.
Have your favorite photo, logo, or other graphic design transformed into a microphoto stanhope Pen Peep. To order your custom photo Pen Peep today, visit our Custom Image PenPeep Department

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